Neocities sites I like

Elsewhere on the web


VS Code The software I use to code this!
MDN Web Docs Thorough & up to date guides on HTML/CSS
CSS Tricks Really good visual guides for CSS
Box shadow CSS GeneratorVisual tool for using box shadow, I struggled to understand it for a while so this really helped me learn
99% Invisible: The Lost Cities of Geo ReduxPodcast episode - a brief history of geocities, the wayback machine, and the ways we function online.

Art and Writing

Line of Action Customisable figure drawing sessions
Artist Resource Links Huge google sheets collection of artist resources
Velvetyne Type Foundry Free & open source fonts
Emily Short's Interactive Fiction Blog about interactive fiction writing
Brandon Sanderson Creative Writing Lectures Youtube upload of Brandon Sanderson's 2020 Creative Writing Lectures at BYU


VHSearch Search within Neocities - I use this pretty often
Winamp Skin Museum Archive of old Winamp skins, cool and inspiring
Board Game Arena Play boardgames online with friends!
Ian's Shoelace Site All about shoelaces, with 100+ walkthroughs on different lacing styles
The Old Robots Web Site Huge archive of robots produced from the 1940s-2000s. Charming design and really extensive!
CARI Categorised database of consumer aesthetics
Transparent StickersTumblr blog - archive of vintage stickers